SAP Advanced Analytical Capabilities Beyond BI

SAP Advanced Analytical Capabilities Beyond BI

Business Intelligence, for many companies, has often meant structured operational and historical reporting. End users often complain about lack of flexibility, timeliness and their inability to turn data into actionable information. While this is still important and often critical to day-to-day operations, recent changes to the portfolio of SAP’s BusinessObjects suite of analytical and exploration tools has set SAP apart from the competition in many areas. The power of advanced analytics, made available as self-service to end users, opens up many opportunities to not only report on data, but also integrate meaningful information into business processes. Combined with SAP HANA, a real-time, in-memory database that enables organizations to process “big data” in support of transactional processing, operational reporting, advanced analytics and predictive modeling, the information available to your organization is even more valuable.

During this webinar, we briefly outline the suite of BusinessObjects reporting and analytics tools and then focus on the key capabilities of the advanced analytical toolset and how it can impact your business. Specifically, we discuss and demonstrate in more detail the capabilities and published roadmaps of SAP Lumira, Predictive Analysis and Infinite Insight (formerly known as KXEN). The webinar focuses on the value that advanced analytics can bring to your business and highlight examples of benefits and best practices already observed through deployment of these tools.

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