The Future of Business Planning with BPC 10.1 and SAP HANA

The Future of Business Planning with BPC 10.1 and SAP HANA

Dickinson + Associates Consultant Jason Bliss takes a look at real-world business planning scenarios with BPC 10.1 on HANA.

SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver, provides a unified planning suite to address a wide range of business issues. Now fully supported by the SAP BW on HANA platform, BPC 10.1 provides deeper integration with SAP NetWeaver and can leverage the platform’s Integrated Planning (IP) and Planning Applications Kit (PAK) framework. The introduction of SAP Cloud for Planning builds upon this by offering the ability to roll out a public cloud planning application to strategic business units that can plug into the central BPC Plan.

In this 60-minute webinar, we:

  • Take a detailed look at SAP BPC 10.1 running on SAP HANA
  • Compare differences between Embedded and Standard planning models
  • Outline system and hardware requirements for implementation
  • Discuss integration of BPC 10.1 and SAP Cloud for Planning
  • Cover mobile capabilities of BPC with HTML5 and EPM Unwired
  • Demonstrate various planning scenarios with BPC 10.1
  • Answer questions and discuss how BPC can improve your business planning processes

View a recording of this webinar on our YouTube page.

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